Mon, 20 Aug 2007

Hacking on the photogallery plugin

Serendipity is coded in Blosxom, a lightweight text-based weblog written in Perl. I've been talking on the Blosxom Developers mailing list about taking Blosxom back on maintenance and enhancement in an organised way. In the meantime I'm also trying to get some of the content published for which I actually chose Blosxom ! Here's the result of a bit of hacking on the photogallery plugin: Shefstock 2007.

The neat result is thanks to the original authors, but I've updated the documentation with suggested usages and techniques. I also added a feature to help integration by reading .caption files from the web gallery software called igal. I have quite a number of igal based photo galleries, and this will make it much easier to bring them across into Blosxom. I hope to add other useful gallery formatting options to photogallery, and to be able to preserve the igal look for existing igal galleries if it can be done easily.

Updated photogallery plugin v0.9 (v0+9i), with documentation. Based on DeWitt Clinton's Photogallery v0.8