Fri, 06 Jun 2008

Helping Blosxom work with remote caches

Blosxom Plug-in: last_modified

The last_modified plugin for Blosxom adds an HTTP Last-Modified header to each Blosxom generated page. This reduces your bandwidth needs by permitting browsers and spiders to check for updates to older stories with an HTTP If-Modified-Since, rather than retrieving the full page each time. It also allows proxies such as Squid to cache older entries whilst refreshing correctly when newer ones are added.

By default this plugin will scan the list of stories and use the timestamp of the most recent one as the Last-Modified header.

The plugin uses the timestamps in %blosxom::files, so it is compatible with entries_index_tagged and other plugins which set the story time, as well as with standard Blosxom use of the storyfile.txt modification time.

Other plugins may if they wish place a standard Unix timestamp in $last_modified::last_modified to override the default Last-Modified time.

last_modified plugin v0.1 (0+1i), with documentation.