Sun, 23 May 2004

Umra Barbeque, 23rd May 2004

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Natanael, son and heir of Andy and Helen Natanael and his Big Sister Ada Penny and Ray keep track of who's got what Assistant Auctioneer AJW distracts Penny from the Auction The Purple Potter proffers a pink pig (we won him, and we call him Floyd)

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Arm of Jane, AJW, Ray, Penny, Hazel Wunderkind Q: How many umrats does it take to barbeque a Gloucester Old spot ?
A: Paul, Mike McT, John Gilliver, Neil, Iain, Ann Sheep, Keith Sheep (head of), SODAM
Penny, Silvain, Wunderkind, Bear and Rick. Alex (blue shirt), Mike R (green shirt), Robin III, ? and Rosie Giving it some stick: our lad John with Jamie, son & heir of Neil and Jan

028_25a 029_26a 030_27a Photo02_36 Photo03_35
SODAM, John G, Tony Gardner (a little bit of) Purple Potter holds a hungry hippo Keith Sheep (rear left), Iain, George, Min and Alex Rosie ?, Alex, Andy R, Min, Linda F-F and Robin III

Photo04_34 Photo05_33
The Declaiming of the Ode Declamatory stance No. 37 (similar to 36, but with right arm extended instead of left).
SODAM declaims, watched by Mike McT, John Gilliver, and Min.

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Sat, 18 May 2002

Umra Barbeque, 18th May 2002

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Cast list - all identifications of people in pictures welcome ! I know who most of you are (waves), but I'm not feeling up to typing it all in just now.

The Declaiming of the Ode

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Sat, 19 May 2001

Umra Barbeque, 19th May 2001

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Sat, 20 May 2000

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Umra Barbeque 2000

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Is Mary just winding SODAM up ? BOFE seems to find it amusing ... "I thought Gloucester Old Spot was supposed to be rare ?" Kirsten and Andrew Weinburg discuss the finer points of breast-feeding. Doug Faunt, Fenny and Vicky "... and this is afterwards ..."

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Recursion: see recursion Verily a Bit Of Fluff Extraordinaire :) Vicky and ? Kirsten and Benedict "Life isn't all Woodbines and gin, you know."

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"I've never seen it turn that colour before." Min and Alex A well dressed Weevil is never without her flour sack. "The next one I write is going to be this heavy."

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