Tue, 21 Aug 2007

Igal: web image gallery generator

Igal is a jolly useful little web photo gallery generator which is easy to get started with. You run igal in a photo directory and just upload the resulting HTML and processed images. It's probably most widely recognised for the default "film strips" effect, but you can customise the appearance quite well via its generation options and CSS. At the time of writing you can see some of igal's output in varying states of customisation in the Tunnels section of this website. Igal is written in Perl.

I submitted an improvement concerning file mtimes to the author Eric Pop. He wrote, "this does seem useful, and if i do get around to releasing igal 1.5 at some point, it will definitely make it in there!" I subsequently submitted that patch and a couple of others to the Debian maintainer of igal as well.

However Eric's own igal page seems to have dropped off the net so I am mirroring the work I've done on Igal here. I am hoping that I can hack on photogallery to the point where it can replace igal for my needs, so my Igal category may become purely historical in due course except to document these changes.

Archive of igal-1.4.tar.gz

The following changes were included in Debian as from igal package 1.4-14

Debian Bug report #335857 igal: Image names with spaces in generate wrongly-escaped slide filenames - Patch
Debian Bug report #335860 igal: RFE: smarter timestamp checking to reduce need for "-f" - Patch
Debian Bug report #335529 igal: RFE: additional option to control index page slide titles - Patch

Also see Wolfgang Trexler's igal 1.4 fixes and internationalisation