Blosxom Plug-in: storytitle


Allows you to include the story title in the page header for individually viewed blosxom stories.


Put storytitle in your plug-ins directory.

Alter the formatting if desired, see "OPTIONS".

Finally place $storytitle::page_title in your <title> tag in head.flavour where you want to display the story title, something like this:

  <title>$blog_title $storytitle::page_title</title>



If required change the $sep variable. This controls the separator that goes at the start of the story title, and between path entries for categories and archives. E.g. if $sep is ' : ' and the story title is 'A blosxom entry' then $storytitle::page_title will return ' : A blosxom entry'. If the category path is Categories/Blosxom then the plugin will return ' : Categories : Blosxom'.

Now all individually displayed stories can have their title in the pages title tag, or anywhere else in the page header you want. Just place $storytitle::page_title anywhere in the flavours where you want to display the story title.

Left and right aligned titles

If you have a need for a left aligned title (e.g. you want to have 'story title : blog title') there are two ways to achieve it:

You can also individually configure the left and right sided separators with the $left_sep and $right_sep configuration options. $storytitle::page_title_left will have $left_sep appended on the right, and $storytitle::page_title_right will have $right_set prepended to the left. If they are not set, they both default to $sep.




0.7 - Provide title for Category pages as well as Stories and Archive pages. - Also included rus.berrett's patch to remove formatting, from

0.6 - Now uses the users file extension setting rather than always .txt

0.5 - deals with filenames with like and foo-bar.txt (thanks to Antti Vähä-Sipilä for pointing this out) catches titles containing only white space.

0.4 - bugfix to stop title values hanging around under static generation

0.3 - fixed left_title to actually be a left title

0.2 - introduced left and right options


Struan Donald <>,


Lim Chee Aun for the left/right sided titles idea.

Anthony DeLorenzo <> for fix to make it use the users file extension setting.

Rus Berrett for patch to remove formatting.

Nick Leverton <>, for Category page titles.


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Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Struan Donald.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.