Wed, 01 Aug 2007

Rail in the floods

Yes. I remember Adlestrop–
The name, because one afternoon
Of wet the train-engine drowned there
Unmendably. It was monsoon.

The rain hissed. Someone breathed an oath.
Nothing left, nothing the same
On the watery platform. Above the tide
Was Adlestrop - only the name.

No willows, willow-herb, or grass,
No meadowsweet, not a haycock dry,
No whit less grey, more sodden far
Than the low rainclouds in the sky.

And all that night the torrent sang Close by, and round it,
mistier, Farther and farther, all the floods Of Oxfordshire and

— Siderius Nuncius,, 24th July 2007

Many thanks to various people on Usenet in uk.railway and for all the links and pointers and most especially to Sid and Rosie for permission to quote their poems. Any further gallery pointers will be most soggily received. Thank you.

"For those who wish to combine railway voyeruism with flood voyeurism there are some suitable pics at numbers 6-8 in this set. They give some idea of why fGW stopped running trains."

In Berkshire, at the aptly named Marsh Bridge, Midgham and at Newbury station and here and Aldermaston station Newbury Railway Station
In Thatcham, a road picture shows how strong the current was in places: at least it's called Station Road :)

Red flag means no bathing for this 158 at Cheltenham
A Highly Soggy Train at a stand at a signal close to the Alstone Lane level crossing in Cheltenham
First Great Wettern HST at Cheltenham, notice the waterfall from the platform onto the tracks.
People stranded at Gloucester Railway Station

Appropriately named, a Voyager crosses the River Severn near Cheltenham.

One of a number of serious washouts and landslips on the preserved Severn Valley Railway. An appeal has been launched for funds to repair the line, which is cut in several places.

Banbury station is suggested for re-branding as the Banbury Canal, also here and also here.
Banbury buses,
even waterways

On the Cotswold line from Oxford to Worcester, there were extensive washouts near Moreton . Here are First Great Wettern's pics of the Cotswold line washout and some pics from Network Rail's Media Centre on the Cotswold line

Adlestrop (which is on the Cotswold line) itself in drier days.
"Nothing remains the same": Adlestrop village bus shelter with some railway relics

Not forgetting the amazing BBC4 Monsoon Railway programme on India where they handle flash floods from a metre of rainfall.

In summertime on Bredon
The rain it pisses down
Round both the shires the cars stall
In puddles deep and brown
Six miles from nearest town.

Rosalind Mitchell,, 21st July 2007