Wed, 14 Feb 2007

South Africa tackles the thorny issue of land reform

S.Africa expropriates first farm in reform drive
Reuters South Africa, Tue Feb 13, 2007 5:31 PM GMT

Interesting to read that the South African state has embarked on a process of colonial compensation which tore Zimbabwe apart. South Africa has an unbroken history and justice system which, in the Cape, goes back some 200 years, and the Truth and Reconciliation Committee seemed quite successfully handled. So I hope land reform can be compensated in a fair and legal way, as the paper says:

"South African officials, by contrast, emphasise that land redistribution will be governed by law and in most cases will rely on negotiation with landholders to arrive at a fair price for the farms being repossessed."

Let's hope it comes true without any corruption. Amen.